Keeping Green

Savoury’s is focused on sustainable food service practices.  Along with consistently delivering high-quality catering services, Savoury’s menus are created from locally grown, pesticide and hormone free foods.  We utilize eco-friendly goods in both the kitchen and the service areas by using products like paper plates and plastic serving ware made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials.  Savoury’s also maintains an extensive recycling program as well as a new composting program through the City of Palm Springs by partnering with the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs Disposal Service and CAL BIO-MASS.

The staff at Savoury’s is committed to operating a business that is beneficial to the community as well as the planet. Savoury’s takes great pride in recycling, community reinvestment, supporting local agriculture and farming, and using eco-friendly goods.

Savoury’s Green Practices:

  •  Aim to contribute back to the community and the environment by being informed about green practices and consistently performing those practices daily
  •  Strive to incorporate new sustainability ideas, improve current practices and constantly review existing systems for best use
  •  Strive to be a resource to employees, vendors, clients and the general public regarding renewable resource and energy efficiency
  •  Offer ongoing education to employees about the value of green practices with the intent of creating a healthier workplace, home, community and planet
  •  Utilizing biodegradable and compostable disposable products such as plates, cups, napkins, flatware, to-go containers and trash can liners
  •  Providing Bar service with biodegradable and compostable cups and napkins
  •  Donating excess food to local food assistance programs and homeless shelters
  •  Prefilled water glasses on request only
  •   Utilizing locally grown and raised food products
  •  Providing customized recycling stations
  •  Staffing sustainability stations to assist guests in proper disposal of food waste, biodegradable waste and compostable waste
  •  Practicing recycling procedures for cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, wood and paper products
  •  Placing informational signage to assist customers near trash containers, recycling stations and wherever disposables are used
  •  Composting of food waste and biodegradable products for all events